I don't receive the stream on my Windows PC

I don't receive the stream on my Windows PC

As a Windows PC can be configured in endless ways, it is not always straightforward to detect where it goes wrong.  Therefore we have outlined the steps you can use to check the issue, and collect more detailed information to contact our support.

Checking why the stream is not shown

1 - check if a firewall is blocking the stream

As a first check it's useful to fully turn off the current firewall on the PC, then restart the crowdbeamer app and detect if the stream comes through now. There are a lot of firewalls for Windows, and nearly everyone will have one running (some are separate applications, some come included with an antivirus package).

Turning off the firewall is not the final solution as it makes your computer less secure but this test allows us to narrow down where the issue comes from.

Default Windows installs will likely have the 'Windows Firewall' running.  Other known firewall solutions include Symantec Norton Security and McAfee security suites.

For Windows firewall, please follow these instructions:

  • press the Windows icon (on the bottom left) of the status bar
  • type 'Windows Firewall' and open the windows firewall in the control panel 

  • choose 'Turn Windows Firewall on or off'

  • choose the 'Turn off' option for all network settings and press OK

    turn off 2.PNG

  • Test the crowdbeamer app again


If the stream does show up when the firewall is turned off and not when it's turned on, then you will need to add crowdbeamer to the allowed programs list. This should happen automatically for Windows firewalls during install (because the crowdbeamer app is digitally signed).  Other firewalls should ask if you want to give it permission the first time you run the app. However, if that fails for some reason you can manually add the rule.

For Windows firewall instructions:

  • press the windows icon on the bottom left of the status bar
  • type 'Windows Firewall' and open the windows firewall in the control panel
  • choose 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall'

  • look for an entry 'roryco.crowdbeamer.wpf.exe' in the list and make sure both checkboxes on the right are selected
  • if the entry doesn't exist you can add it by pressing 'Allow another app...' - browse to crowdbeamer on your hard disk (C:\Program Files (x86)\Roryco NV\crowdbeamer\Roryco.Crowdbeamer.Wpf.exe) - choose 'Open' and add it to the list

 For others, please check the settings provided by the firewall vendor.

2 -  check if another process is blocking the stream

In order to show the stream, the crowdbeamer application connects to port 5005. If another process is using this port, it is possible that the stream won't come through. To view which process (if any) is running on the port you can do the following.


  • Open the commandline as administrator (press the windows button, type 'cmd', right select the returned 'Command Prompt' and choose 'Run as administrator')

  • Call netstat -aon -p UDP -b  (a screen similar as below should be shown)

  • There should be nothing listed which has :5005 on the end (look in the left column)
  • If there is a process listed which is running on port 5005 you will likely not be able to get a stream until that process has been terminated



3 - diagnostics tool

There is a diagnostics tool available which will collect necessary information to debug issues with the stream/networks. Instructions:

  • download this zip file containing the app Diagnostics-app.zip
  • extract the zip file (right click - Extract all)
  • (if possible: connect to crowdbeamer wifi)
  • open the extracted folder and double click 'Crowdbeamer.Diagnostics.exe'
  • the app will ask to restart if you're not running as an administrator
  • by default a lot of system info is collected and shown which is useful
  • by clicking on the 'get pipeline output' button the app will start a dummy stream to get output from gstreamer. This can take up to 20 seconds
  • clicking on the 'save to file' button saves all shown output to a location of choice
  • this file contains the info we need

Retrieving crash logs

If the Windows app crashes there will automatically be a craslog saved in event viewer. You can find it by doing the following:

  • press the Window button
  • type event viewer
  • Choose 'Windows Logs' > 'Application'
  • You should find two error message for the crash. One with source 'Application Error' and one with source '.NET Runtime'

  • The interesting bits are logged in the '.NET Runtime' crash - data from the 'general tab'


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