Can I use crowdbeamer and Clickshare together ?

            Yes.  Both crowdbeamer and Clickshare serve a different purpose, and they do work together.  

            There are two ways to get there, depending on whether the Barco Clickshare installation is accessible, and if you want to add crowdbeamer permanently to the installation or just temporarily :

            Possible installation schemes for Clickshare and crowdbeamer

            • In a fixed installation, the Clickshare console can serve as an input to the crowdbeamer device.  The output of the crowdbeamer device can then be connected to a flat panel or projector.   Alternatively, you can use a HDMI splitter between the Clickshare console and the crowdbeamer device.  Another HDMI output of the splitter is then fed into the flat panel or projector.
            • In an ad hoc configuration, you can connect the crowdbeamer device directly to the presentation PC (over HDMI or VGA) and just use the Clickshare button as you are used to (in a USB port of the presentation PC).    (NOTE : if you want to use the Presenter View in Powerpoint in this setup, Clickshare must be configured to use Virtual Extended Desktop - for more information see

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            Updated: 11 Jan 2019 03:19 AM
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